Top 6 Lawn Care Tips For The Summer Season

Throughout the summer months, it could be difficult to keep your lawn healthy. In between random stormy weather and sizzling, humid days, your lawn might need some work. Listed below are 6 simple lawn care tips to aid your grass to remain healthy throughout the summer season.

1. During the summer time, you would like to keep the lawn slightly taller than usual. Having your grass tall can help shade the ground so it does not dry out. This can result in your lawn having much deeper roots, and it is going to prevent weed seeds from germinating. Lawn Mowing Company

2. While mowing the lawn, leave the grass clippings, if at all possible. If you keep the grass clippings on top of the lawn, it will provide the soil with additional nutrients plus extra shade.

3. Water the lawn deeply and occasionally for the healthiest grass. The lawn requires no less than an inch of water per week, and more in case there is extreme heat. Always keep a rain gauge for keeping track of the amount of rainfall to avoid overwatering your lawn.

4. Keep the lawn mower blades razor-sharp. Blunt blades harm your lawn by ripping the grass, leaving behind openings. Sharpen the mower blades every 10 hrs. of mowing at a minimum.

5. Avoid car parking on your lawn. Parking and even driving vehicles on the lawn can cause soil compaction that can result in dead grass as well as other problems. During times of extreme heat or even drought, restrict walking on the grass to prevent further damage.

6. The potty breaks of your doggy could be the doom of the lawn. In case your grass is perishing due to your dog’s pee, dilute it using water. If at all possible, create a pebble area and also train your pet to use that specified region. Furthermore, pick up your pet’s waste and effectively get rid of it - this can help with undesirable flies as well! Lawn Mowing service